Wibe is a boutique digital agency that does award winning work and transforms the digital personalities of brands.

From concept to creation, idea to implementation, we create websites and web products that are invaluable, sustainable and engaging.



The power and reach of the Web is expanding at a mind blowing pace. Hence brands must also expand their digital assets.

We do - Websites, art direction, UI Design, e-commerce magento, wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, ajax, HTML canvas animation, email marketing, content development


Global mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all Internet traffic. Mobile engagement is changing the online and e-commerce landscapes.

We design and develop responsive websites, dedicated mobile websites, native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, and undertake mobile marketing.


Traffic both organic and paid is critical to any online business. Search engine optimisation and marketing thus remain a steadfast need for those who wish to remain competitive on the web.

We provide the best SEO and SCM solutions - Including Technical and semantic structure optimization, back linking, content optimisation, designing and managing PPC campaigns, banner advertising


Social Media has changed the way people drive political, social and economic change. We manage and market you socially.

Whether it is digital PR, creating dedicated pages, making content or running pay per click campaigns, we provide complete cross environment integration.

The Team

We are a group of young and vibrant professionals driven by the passion of delivering awesome work. We are all pixel perfectionists and love to be a part of the creative evolution at Wibe.

Together we have pushed over 100,000,00 pixels, scribbled more than quattuordecillion thoughts , and sacrificed dozens of good ideas for a single great one.